Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week-busy busy busy

Last week was so busy, more so than ever.(If that could ever be possible-oh it can!)

Monday our family went on a little road trip up to Fresno because Josh's iPhone had broken the thursday before. He had called to see if they could just ship a new one to him, but that would have taken 2-3 weeks! But they did tell him that if he goes to any Apple store than they will replace him with a new phone right away. So off we go...and the kids did great, picked up a couple of snacks and rocked out to Disney's Greatest Hits cds all the way there. After Josh got his new phone we surprised the kids with a trip to the (little) Fresno Zoo. After we had our fun there we headed back home.

Tuesday was grocery day...I LOVE grocery day!! There is only one other person that I know and love that enjoys going grocery shopping as much as I do(you know who you are ;) ) We are on a pretty tight budget around here so I have to make it stretch. I did pretty well this time, I spent under a hundred dollars for two weeks of meals and household supplies!! I have been buying items to make big meals and then freezing the left overs to carry over the weeks to come(i.e. enchiladas, homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade spaghetti sauce)

Wednesday was an exciting day, Kimberly started her Enrichment classes at Valley Oaks Charter School. She looked so cute in her little back pack! Kimberly is taking a Creepy Crawlers class(learning a new bug every week), Music class( learning songs and how to read music), and a Camping class( learning all about camping). She had such a great time! It was even more fun for her because her best buddies( Luke and Matthew), along with some other friends, were in her class too. Kimberly will be going every Wednesday morning. It is sad cause I miss her ( not mention realizing how fast she is growing up) but it is also nice b/c i get some alone time with Wyatt. We went to the park and there was no one else there, so her got the whole park to himself. Plus, the weather was awesome.

Wednesday-Saturday I made phone calls re: homes and apartments for rent. Homes that are in the condition that we want and area that we like are very expensive. But we did go and see a town house here on the east side that we really like. The rent is the same as we pay now and all in all it would really work out for us. We are looking at 2 other apartments this Wednesday and hopefully by Thursday we will have made a decision. Its been a little stressful because we want to make the right decision, lots of praying going on at this house!(lol)

Well i best be going, below is a random picture of Maci because....because...well just cause its super cute! Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biggest Loser

For years Josh and I have watched the amazing show "The Biggest Looser". It is such an inspiring show and for so many years, we have watched and wished we had the self motivation to do the same. No i am not as unhealthy as the contestants start out at on the show, but my figure could use some improvement. (Yes, i just had a baby 9 weeks ago and i totally get the whole post baby weight, but i don't want this with me all my life-lol) For a couple of years now, i have tried many times in losing weight and never really succeed. But i am hoping having my third baby is the charm ;). So here i go on the journey of getting healthy, wish me luck.If you happen to have any advice or healthy meals/ snack ideas, please let me know. I will keep you all posted.

p.s. and to help with being held accountable,encouraging myself, and seeing what i looked like before is the following picture. Good bye 177.8 lb Sue!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures...

At Disneyland waiting for it to open. Just love Kimberly's face btw...

love my kiddos!

What a family?! :D

They really miss Disneyland...

All i can say is...LOL!

"yay we have conquered daddy!"

daddy is done...

This was taken at Josh's badge pinning for the ECC, I am so proud of you baby!

Back in January my Dad and Grandpa came for a visit, it was great b/c it was the first time that my Grandpa(Vavoo) had met Wyatt.
I love this family photo for two everyone is looking at the camera and two, this is only the 2nd family pic that we have ever taken...sad i know.

Pretty cute couple of kiddos....

Yes...this is Wyatt in a Snow White costume...what? is there something wrong with that??-lol. I just keep telling myself at least he is a manly Snow White...over and over again...

Remember when you were a kid and playing in the mud was the best ever?!

And to add a little more "fun" the sprinklers were on ;)

Needless to say, they were dripping with mud and took a loooong shower until they were clean.

Mr. Wyatt Timothy Luchau on his 3rd birthday, he just finished eating a giant cupcake.

Kimberly met a new friend at Murray Farms.

Wyatt- the human firework.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to my blogging days!(Yay!)

Hello to all!

Man, I have sure missed blogging and I am so happy that I have finally made the time to do a little each week. Wow where to begin...Well, as I am sure all of you know that we had a beautiful baby girl! On June 29th,2010 at 8:21pm; Miss Maci Lyn Luchau graced us with her presents and it has been a joy ever since. I can't believe that she is already two months old! She is so alert and happy. We just love her so much. Kimberly and Wyatt have adjusted very well to having a baby sister and I can not wait to watch them grow up together.
As you can see, she has grown so much in the past 2 months. In fact back on August 10th she had gained 4 lbs and grew 2 1/2 inches. Just love her!

In other news, Josh has been into canning! Ya I know, you are probably thinking "Hey, isnt the wife suppose to do that stuff??"- nope not this wife, lol, at least not right now. Josh had such a great time making jams from scratch, along with pickled jalapenos-yum! He did such an amazing job. We actually made a family trip out to Murray Farms to get some fresh fruit for canning. It was a good time.

And last but not least...Homeschool has started! Kimberly in Kindergarten and Wyatt in Preschool :D. We are on our second week and things are going great.( :::WARNING::: parent bragging moment coming) Kimberly is whizzing through all that I am teaching her and I am so proud of her! I am trying to be creative as possible in finding ways to challenge that awesome mind of hers. Wyatt is doing great, last week he learned about the letter "A" and does very well with writing his name. I am so proud of him aswell :D. Well I have to go for now(blogging time is up).

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little peek at what Christmas was like at our house...

...who would have thought that a pair of $1.00 Kazoos would bring so much Christmas Cheer??

Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!Our family wishes you a very happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Sister....Big Brother?!

As you may know Kimberly is a big sister...but in late June 2010 Wyatt will be a BIG BROTHER!! We are pregnant again!..ok well not, But i am :D. We are very excited and can't wait to add to our little family. The kids are just sooo thrilled, Kimberly has already chosen a name if it is a girl...drum roll please......"Rainbow Seashell" ! What?-you don't like it?-lol.

Went to the doctor and had an ultra sound ( scanner not working or i would post the ultra sound picture) but everything looks great and right on track. I am 6 weeks along and very tired and hungry!Also showing...ya showing...i can't believe it! Talk to my doctor and he said it was no surprise your third pregnancy can do that to ya .
The nausea started yesterday, but thanks to Unisom...i am feeling much better today!
Anyways, just wanted to let you know the happy news! Hope that you and your family are all well and happy!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hello Family and Friends!

I woke up this morning and a wonderful thought popped into my head...." I'm going to work on the blog today!" :D
As I get on to our blog( which it took me sometime, b/c i forgot my login info.-lol) I think that it has not been that long since I have updated the blog...right?? Actually it has been over a year!! Holly smokes!
I am so sorry that it has been that long. So I have a new goal now, to work on our blog at least once a week.(Fingers crossed ;D ) Considering that I don't have the luxury of time(man-that would be an awesome to have some day!), i will not be able to give you in detail what our lives have been like the past year. But i will do my best to bring you up to speed on what is going on recently :D.
Our family is doing great! Josh just started his new job at the end of October as a 911 Dispatcher!!! Isn't that such a cool sounding job??-lol. He is in training right now and feels like his brain is going to explode with information. He reminds me a lot of those commercials for "" where the people just start spitting out random information. Except in Josh's case it is all about the fire department and emergency services in Bakersfield-lol. He is working so hard and I know that he is going to do just great! I love him so much!

Kimberly and Wyatt are growing up right in front of our eyes ( quickly!) We noticed it more so when we went on a family vacation to Disneyland for two whole days! It was a blast! It was Wyatt's first time and he loved every minute of it! And he loved every ride! No joke, he went on the Matterhorn THREE times! To bad he isn't t
all enough yet b/c he would have gone on and loved Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain!
Kimberly got meet Snow White and Tinkerbell. It is such a neat moment when your child gets to meet a live version of some of her favorite fairy
tales. And yes...I teared up...hush! ; )
It was such an awesome two days, we got to really have some quality time with our kids. Not to mention we were in Disneyland!! It is one of my favorite places ever...heck i could go right now!

Now we are back from the Happiest Place on Earth, life has been moving at warp speed! With training, childcare, church, meetings, cake classes, and lets not forget the never ending laundry!
As I look back this past year we have been truly
blessed, even when life seemed to come down on us ( hard at times) we knew with all our hearts the Lord was mindful of us and was taking care of us. Most the time taking care of us through our dearest family and friends.Thank you a million times for all your love and support. We couldn't ask for better people to enrich on our lives.
See you next week!
Here are some photos of our Family Vacation to Disneyland! Yay!

Random pictures of our wonderful family :D